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Sell flat fast in Swansea. 

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Sell Flat Fast in Swansea

We are the number one property buying company in the UK and we can help you sell flat fast Swansea. We are not an estate agent or a broker. We a reputable and genuine company who can purchase your flat fast, using our own funds. Working with us is not just a guaranteed sale of your flat, it’s a fast guaranteed sale of your flat.

Get a free cash offer for your flat in Swansea

We have designed a simple and easy process to help you sell your flat quickly in Swansea. This is what you can expect:

We Buy Any Home

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

  • Fill in the online form

    As soon as you make contact with us we can get the ball rolling. During our first conversation we will ask for some information about your Swansea flat, this will help us determine the cash amount we can offer you. We do not need to visit your flat to obtain your offer, as we use our valuation system.

  • Receive offer and next steps

    Once we have confirmed the cash amount offer, we can discuss time scales and completion dates. Remember working with us we promise a fast sale. On average completion takes two or three weeks but we can speed this up, or slow this down, if requested. We will agree a completion date that works for you.

  • Sell at no additional cost

    During the process, you will be appointed an independent solicitor who will act on your behalf. This is an expense paid for by us so it will be no additional cost to you. On completion day you will receive your funds. This will be the full cash offer amount, with no fees payable to us, and zero deductions.

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

Sell flat fast Swansea

There are many reasons why flat owners in Swansea want to sell fast. You could be experiencing a personal situation or perhaps you are simply ready for a change of scene and don’t want to wait months on end for a sale on the open market. Below are a range of situations we have assisted past customers with:


  • Desire for quick sale due to divorce or separation.
  • Desire for quick sale due to inheritance of a property they do not wish to live in or rent out.
  • Desire for quick sale to escape financial difficulty.
  • Desire for quick sale due to ill health reasons.
  • Desire for quick sale due to relocation opportunity.
  • Desire for quick sale after disappointment attempting to sell on the open market.
  • Desire for quick sale due to expanding family and flat no longer being suitable or large enough.

FAQ’s for Sell Flat Fast in Swansea

Traditionally the best time to put a flat on the market is in the spring, however, recent analysis shows that one to two-bedroom flats also sell quickly in January and February as young professionals and couples seek to move first thing in the New Year. September is popular too.

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What is the best time to sell a flat?

Traditionally the best time to put a flat on the market is in the spring, however, recent analysis shows that one to two-bedroom flats also sell quickly in January and February as young professionals and couples seek to move first thing in the New Year. September is popular too.

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How much does it cost to sell a flat?

With We Buy Any Home, nothing! We offer you a price based on the market and although the price is usually below market value, you’ll not pay any commissions, we’ll cover legal fees and as we can buy with cash in as little as 7 days, you’ll save thousands in extra mortgage payments that you would have spent whilst trying to sell your flat elsewhere.

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Can I sell a flat with a short lease?

If you try to sell a flat with a lease under 99 years you will be asked to extend it – and this comes at a cost to you – running into thousands of pounds. Some mortgage lenders won’t offer mortgages on flats with leases under 80 years too so it can be difficult to selling flat Swansea on the open market. Fortunately, We Buy Any Home can guarantee you a sale. We offer a cash house buyer service; this means we buy your flat from you (or any property) using our cash funds. You won’t pay a penny in fees, and we will even cover your legal costs.

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Do I need an EWS1 form to sell my flat to We Buy Any Home?

No. We can buy flats for cash without this form, which makes our service one of the only ways you can sell flat fast Swansea-wide.

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Do you offer profit sharing?

We calculate our offer based on the cost of any cladding removal or remedial work needed. This means the offer may be much less than the market value, and that is why we are happy to offer a profit share agreement. This means that when we come to sell the flat ourselves if we achieve a higher amount than we expected, we’ll give you a share of the proceeds. So you can move on with your lives now, whilst being certain that you got the best possible value that we were able to give.

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How to sell a flat fast in Swansea

If you have made the decision to sell your Swansea flat, you have different options.

Sell on open market via estate agent or online estate agent

This is the traditional route of selling. However, there is no way of knowing how long it will take to sell your flat or even if it will sell at all.

Flats in Swansea have decreased in popularity over recent years. There are many reasons for this and the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been a factor. Most buyers now list garden or outside space as top priority when purchasing a home. As most flats do not offer this they are taking much longer to sell. If your flat does generate interest and offers you could still face a long wait due to property chains.

In addition to this, you will also find yourself paying estate agent fees and/or commission.


You could list your flat to sell at an auction. On the positive side if this is a successful sale it could move quite quickly. However, there is no guarantee your flat will sell at auction. It is not common for some properties to receive no interest and zero bids.

If your flat does get bids there is no assurance that it will sell for the price you are hoping for. There is no way of knowing until the auction day and not knowing your final cash amount can make planning ahead very difficult and add to your stress levels.

Cash house buyers

Your third option is to sell your home to a reputable cash house buyer, such as ourselves. Don’t be misled by the term cash house buyer, we buy flats too.

Selling to us is a guaranteed sale. Its also guaranteed to be a fast process. Best of all we will give you your cash offer amount the very first time you contact us. This means from the very start of the process you know how much we will be paying you for your flat.

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Get a free cash offer for your home in Swansea

Selling flat Swansea

If you are selling a flat in Swansea, we would love to hear from you. We buy all types of flats in all areas of Swansea. We are also interested in the cities surrounding areas, such as Neath and Port Talbot. 

Perhaps you have a modern apartment in Maritime Quarter, or a traditional flat in north Swansea. We are interested in both and all in between.

Sell my flat fast in Swansea with we buy any home

If you think a cash house buyer company is the right choice for you, we would be delighted to help you sell your Swansea flat fast. But why chose us? 

  • UK’s leading cash house buyer company
  • Genuine and reputable company.
  • Outstanding reviews and verification from trust pilot.
  • Thousands of past satisfied customers. 
  • We are members of property ombudsman. 
  • Award winning brand.
  • Founding member of NAPB (The National Association of Property Buyers)
  • Genuine cash buyers, using our own funds.

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