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What is a Link Detached House?

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What is a Link Detached House?
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When the time comes to buy your first home or for a change in scenery, it is important to consider the different types of properties and what you are after.

Across the world and specifically the UK, there are plenty of options when it comes to property types, from studios and flats to bungalows and link detached houses. You might hear these phrases thrown around by estate agents and conveyancers but be unsure about what they essentially are.

Have you heard of a link detached house? This type of property is not commonly known but is a style of property frequently found up and down the country, sometimes mistaken for detached houses.

So what is a link detached house? Let’s compare it to the likes of detached properties and learn the pros and cons. Keep reading to delve further.

What is a detached house?

Detached houses are typically sought-after properties due to the many benefits they provide inhabitants, from increased privacy to reduced noise levels. But what is categorised as a detached house?

For a house to be classed as ‘detached’, it must not be joined to a neighbouring property by any common walls, even through the means of outhouses and entities, such as garages, cellars and basements. Instead, the property must be entirely separate.

What is a link detached house?

Link detached houses are regularly mistaken as semi-detached or attached properties, but they hold different features, providing them with an entirely unique name.

Generally speaking, a link detached house is a residential property which is usually ‘linked’ to another dwelling through a garage. A residential property can only be classed as a link detached where no common walls are shared with the neighbouring properties.

Although a link detached house is generally being linked by a garage, some link detached houses may not be linked through a garage but instead by the foundations of the property, such as the cellar or basement. These types of linked detached houses often present the appearance of a detached property.


Are link detached houses common?

Link detached houses are frequently found across the UK. The reason for this is due to the sheer amount that were constructed between the decades of 1960 and 1990.

Link detached houses were a widespread choice among builders for many reasons. It allowed property prices to be more affordable, helped to save space on construction sites, permitted more properties to be built and helped reduce the cost of producing houses.

Pros of link detached houses

Link detached houses are quite a popular form of property with those hunting for new homes for many reasons. Examples of the common pros include:

·         Less noise

Due to no common walls being shared in a link detached house, this can often result in less and, in some instances, no noise being heard from neighbouring properties.

Generally, the noise level in a linked detached house is similar to that expected from a detached property and is often significantly quieter than in semi-detached and terraced properties.

·         Lower market prices than detached properties

Usually, you will find the value of a link detached property sits somewhere between semi-detached and detached properties. This means that while link detached properties often appear and provide the same benefits as detached properties, they are considerably cheaper to purchase, even those of the same size. 


Cons of link detached houses

Despite the pros link detached houses give residents as listed above, they can also present a number of cons, including:

·         Noise levels

While we have listed noise levels as a pro of linked detached houses, they can also be referred to as a con. If the garage linking the properties is converted into an altered room that is used for general living, such as a bedroom, kitchen or something comparable, noise levels are likely to be higher.

·         Less surrounding space

Link detached houses were typically produced to save space, and while this did allow additional properties to be built in the given area, this has left many residents of link detached properties with less space surrounding their homes, including front and back garden areas, walkways and driveways.

·         Property extensions

With a link detached house, it is possible to make a property extension, but while this should be expected to have its benefits, it can, in fact, do the complete opposite.

Extensions can often raise the value of properties, but for link detached properties this is sometimes considered as linking the two. Inevitably doing this can lower the value of a house but also that of the neighbouring link detached property.

·         Shared access

Many link detached homes often require residents to share certain features. An example includes driveways, usually large enough to fit the width of two cars. Sharing a driveway can sometimes cause an array of issues, such as disputes over boundary lines. 


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