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Where to Live in London in 2022

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Where to Live in London in 2022
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There is a vast number of neighbourhoods to choose from when you are searching for a place to live in London. With over 8 million people living in the city, there are perks to every area which thousands have grown to love.

But where is the best place to move for you? Should you be looking at the north, east, west, south or centre of the city?

Read on for a close look at the best places to live in London in 2022.

The Best Places to live in North London


Camden is widely viewed as one of the most vibrant, exciting and trendy parts of London. The infamous Camden market provides an enormous range of cultures – both in clothing and food – and there are lots of live music venues and bars for you to enjoy. 

Some studies have found that Camden house prices are amongst the most expensive in the country. Therefore, you will typically find established business people and city workers moving into this area – meanwhile, first time buyers may have to look elsewhere.


Hampstead is widely regarded as one of London’s most luxurious and beautiful areas. Located in West London, nearby neighbourhoods such as Kentish Town and Camden. 

One of the area’s most attractive features is Hampstead Heath, which is a popular park which thousands visit every day. Parliament Hill is a major feature of the park and provides gorgeous views over Central London.

Hampstead is almost certainly out of the price range of a first time buyer. Successful entrepreneurs, artists and business people are commonly found moving into the area.


Highgate is slightly further north of Hampstead, and is located slightly further out from Central London. The area is well-known for its stunning 18th century architecture, and for the several famous names that were laid to rest in Highgate Cemetery, including George Eliot and Karl Marx.


North of Central London, with an estimated population of more than 200,000 people, the London Borough of Islington is a popular area of the city. It is well-connected by public transport to every major part of London and is host to an immense selection of world-class restaurants. 

Latest figures show the average house price in Islington as £771,000. With this number lower than some areas, this shows that there are affordable apartments and studios in the area bringing the average down, if you are lucky enough to successfully purchase one.


You can access the entire city of London easily when living in Highbury. This middle-class section of the city is known for having high-quality schools, excellent sports facilities, and a younger than average population. In particular, Highbury is home to Arsenal FC’s ‘The Emirates’ stadium and therefore becomes very busy on Saturdays, with lots of excited fans walking to the game.

The Best Places to live in East London


Shoreditch is an exciting hub for artists throughout London. Street art is very popular in the area, and there are also fashionable bars and clubs along Shoreditch high street which are open until the early hours. You will also be able to visit lots of vintage clothes shops along the high street. 

Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green in East London is the home of long-standing cafes and high-quality dining options. There is also a large Bangladeshi community in the area which adds to the exciting culture and delicious food that this area can provide. If you live here, you will also be within walking distance of the Sunday flower market which takes place weekly in Bethnal Green.


You will enjoy the lively atmosphere of Spitalfields if you move into this part of East London. There are lots of buzzy bars, quirky shops and street markets to enjoy. You will also be well-connected to the rest of the city, with excellent transport links between Spitalfields and any major part of the city. This area is popular with adults who work in the city, and young people who enjoy the bar scene.


Walthamstow is a slightly less well-known and tourist-based part of East London, but still has lots to offer you. Slightly further away from the city of London, this area is on the doorstep of Essex, and lots of adults therefore move here when keen to raise a family away from centre of the city, but still be able to commute inwards for work when required. A common activity for locals is visiting Walthamstow Wetlands – a nature reserve with 10 reservoirs.

The Best Places to live in South London


Clapham is slightly further away from Central London than other locations outlined so far – but that is what makes it so appealing to many people. Clapham Common hosts carnivals and shows throughout the year – which makes this area appealing to middle-aged people with a young spirit inside. Clapham Junction train station, meanwhile, offers excellent links not just throughout London, but to the rest of the country as well.

This area of South London is affluent, and therefore beyond the budget of a typical first-time buyer or university student. 


Greenwich in South-east London is another region which is relatively affluent, and therefore a rare living location for first-time buyers or University students. For people who can afford it though – particularly middle-aged people who work in the city or pensioners enjoying retirement – there is lots to get from the area. Local landmarks include Cutty Sark (a popular tourist attraction), the National Maritime Museum, and the O2 arena. 


Home of the famous music venue, the O2 Academy Brixton, there is plenty to do and see in this part of South London. Brixton Markets offers an eclectic mix of fashion, food, drinks and vintage items, while the area’s Caribbean roots are celebrated through the live music in many bars in the area. 

Brixton is one of the most affordable areas of London. You will find many first time buyers moving here if they want to continue living in the city.


On the south side of the River Thames, Putney is an affluent area commonly chosen to live in by city workers. Well-known in the UK as the starting place for the annual University boat race, there are lots of river-side pubs which locals enjoy in the area, as well as fashion stores throughout Putney Exchange mall. Putney Heath is also a common place for sporting activities and daytime walks – which makes it the perfect place for parents with young children. 


Adjacent to Brixton, Dulwich is one of the most affluent regions south of the River Thames. There is lots to do and see for sports fans living in the area – Dulwich Hamlet FC are a football team worth supporting; the Old Alleynian Football Club is a local Rugby Union team open to all; and there are two running clubs in the area which you can sign up for.

Dulwich is an exciting and busy place to live, only 5 miles south of the city centre. It is also home to some affordable flats, if you are comfortable living in one.


Fulham is an extremely popular place to live in London, for many reasons. The area has excellent transport links into the city, several football teams based in the area, and both affluent and affordable areas for any type of property buyer. For locals with a slightly higher income, the exclusive sports and social club The Hurlingham (famous for polo, golf and croquet) is nearby – even though it has a membership waiting list for nearly 15 years.


The famous Richmond Park is a major attraction for people looking to move to this part of London. By visiting the park, you will see huge quantities of graceful deer – a truly breath-taking site, which will always be on your doorstep if you move into this beautiful part of London.

The area is slightly more pricy to move into, compared to certain areas in the south or east of the city. It is therefore most ideal for middle aged people who have already established themselves on the property ladder.

The Best Places to live in West London

Kensington & Chelsea

One of the most glamorous spots in London, Kensington & Chelsea is renowned for stunning architecture, and being home to Hyde Park. If you enjoy sporting occasions, there are also lots of football clubs in this part of London, including Chelsea, QPR and Fulham. 

Kensington Palace is a tourist hotspot, famed as the home of Princess Diana. And on the Kensington High Street, there is plenty of upmarket shops to visit. 

Notting Hill

Made internationally famous by the movie starring Hugh Grant, Notting Hill is one of the most vibrant areas in the entirety of London. The Notting Hill carnival takes place every year in the final week of August, and attracts Caribbean music, food, outfits and people from across London – and even the world. The wider Notting Hill area is vibrant and trendy – often likened to Camden – and has a sizeable Caribbean community living there.


Hammersmith is located along the River Thames in West London, and is widely recognised as one of the safest residential areas in London. World famous acts perform at the Apollo Theatre, while King Street is home to lots of exciting cafes, clothing shops and trendy stores. You can also visit the very famous Hammersmith Bridge, which goes over the river, and attend the annual University boat race. 

People often choose to move here when they want to raise a family, slightly further out from the city centre. 

Ladbroke Grove

Ladbroke Grove perfectly combines quirkiness with high-quality and sophisticated builds. Situated right next to Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove is the tube station nearest to Portobello Road Market, where there is an excellent range of street food, vintage goods, and souvenirs to buy. 

There are superb transport facilities in Ladbroke Grove, with 9 separate bus routes passing through the road. There are also notable residents in the area, including Chrissie Hynde, Rita Ora and AJ Tracey.

The Best Places to live in Central London


Home to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Westminster is a major tourist hotspot in London. By living here, you will be well-connected by transport to everywhere else in the city, as Westminster is right at the heart of it all.

Westminster is one of the more expensive areas of London, however, so living here will not come cheap – even if you are only looking for a flat.


Mayfair is renowned throughout London, and worldwide, for having some of the most glamorous and expensive shops and streets in the city. If you decide to move to Mayfair, you will need a significant budget – as it is one of the most expensive spots in the city. 

By living here, you will have one of Europe’s most famous parks (Hyde Park) on your doorstep.


There are several major train stations throughout London – and Marylebone is home to one of them. By living here, you will not only be well-connected to the rest of the city, but to the rest of the country, too. This area is ideal if you have a sizeable budget, and perhaps need to regularly travel to other parts of the country.


Belgravia is situated between Kensington and Westminster in central London, making it an expensive and in-demand part of the city. You will never be short of fashion shops, square gardens or 5* restaurants in this part of the city. If you’ve got the money to afford such a pricey location, then you will not regret moving here.

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