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Top 10 Debt Management Companies In The UK

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Top 10 Debt Management Companies In The UK
  • Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

If you are struggling with debt there are lots of organisations that can help you assess your situation and work out the best way to get your finances back on track. The best place to start is with a debt charity that will offer fee free advice and support. 

Try to avoid a debt management company that charges for their services, this is money you could be using to pay off what you owe.

What do debt management providers do?

They offer a range of services starting with initial advice either online, over the phone or face to face, to discuss your circumstances and goals. They will then help you organise and manage the steps you need to take, from simple budgeting to more formal solutions, such as: 

  • Debt management plans (DMP) – an agreement between you and the companies you owe money to, to pay one set monthly fee you can afford for non-priority debts such as credit cards and store cards, until they are all paid off. Unlike the next three options a DMP isn’t legally binding which means either side can refuse to continue with it at any time. 
  • Debt relief orders (DRO) – for people with debts under £20,000 who do not have assets such as a home. Payments are stopped for debts included in a DRO and usually written off when it ends. 
  • Individual voluntary arrangements (IVA) – a monthly repayment plan for larger debts based on an amount you can reasonably afford which lasts for five to six years. You will be able to keep your home, although you may be asked to remortgage it if possible. Once the IVA has finished any remaining debts are written off.
  • Bankruptcy – when someone cannot contribute to their debts this will write them all off. However during a bankruptcy you will have to sell any valuable assets, including a home. 

Any plan that reduces how much you pay to creditors may have an impact on your credit file, which could make it harder to borrow money in the future. Always make sure you’re comfortable with the long-term implications of each solution before committing to one. 

For example, although bankruptcy only lasts around 12 months it will remain on your credit file for six years, making it difficult and expensive to get credit. It may also impact your ability to do certain jobs such as  those in the financial services sectors and you will not be able to be a company director.   

Although charities offer free advice, some of the above solutions still come with costs such as application fees. If you are entering into an IVA, a qualified insolvency practitioner will be appointed and charge a monthly fee to administer it.      

10 organisations that can help you with debt

It can be hard to see a way out of debt when you are facing it alone. That’s why contacting an organisation offering free expert advice is such an important first step, they’ll be able to help you see more clearly how to approach your problems. 

Many will also help you manage the formal solutions you opt for, and deal with your creditors so you don’t have, which will hopefully reduce the stress of your situation. 

The organisations below can help you take the steps you need to overcome your debt, you can contact all of them online or by phone:

0800 138 1111

0800 280 2816

Debt Advice Foundation
0800 043 40 50

Money Advice Service
0800 138 7777

Financial Wellness Group
0161 804 5464

National Debtline
0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice
0800 240 4420

Debt Support Trust
0800 085 0226

Christians Against Poverty
0800 328 0006

0808 802 2000

There may also be local groups that can offer support, so it’s worth searching to find out what’s available near your home.

Working with us 

One option that could prevent your debt issues spiralling out of control is to sell your home. If you have a good amount of equity, the difference between the value of your home and your mortgage, it may give you the funds you need to pay off your debt. Any costly mortgage payments you have will also stop.

If you decide this is the right option for you, we can help. We specialise in buying property quickly, in just seven days if necessary.  And because we only buy from our own cash funds, there are no estate agents’ fees to pay and you are never part of an unpredictable chain that could fall through. We also instruct and pay for solicitors. 

We aim to make the process as hassle free as possible for you and are used to dealing with challenging home-selling situations. 

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you we’d be happy to chat, so please get in touch

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