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What are the Pros and Cons of Moving to the Countryside?

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What are the Pros and Cons of Moving to the Countryside?
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There are many different places you can live in the UK. From cities to villages; towns to the countryside; there are plenty of options for anyone, no matter what kind of lifestyle you want to achieve.

The UK countryside is notoriously beautiful, and lots of people consider moving there for a more ‘secluded’ living experience. But is it always a good idea to move to the countryside? And what are the pros and cons of doing so?

This blog looks at the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a rural area in the UK.

Advantages of living in the countryside

There are lots of things about the countryside which incentivises people to live there. Not only can the countryside be aesthetically beautiful, but it also has lots of advantages for your day-to-day life. This includes (typically):

  • Less crime
  • Less pollution
  • Less traffic

There is almost always less crime in rural areas, which is a major reason why some young parents choose to raise their children away from a city. The reduced amount of pollution is also considered to cause less risk to your children’s health.

It is very common for homeowners in rural areas to know their neighbours very well. This is because, in a more remote area, people typically make more of an effort to associate with those who live near them. On the other hand, the constant human interaction of living in a city causes some people to make less of an effort with their neighbours.

Finally, it is typically the case that when a property is located in a city centre, its price will automatically be increased. This is because lots of people want to live in a city – usually for work purposes – and therefore are willing to pay more. It is often the case that a 2 bedroom flat in central London, for example, will cost more than a 2 bedroom flat in a more rural area outside the city. This same principle applies across the UK – and for this reason, many people choose to live in the countryside for affordability purposes.

Disadvantages of living in the countryside

One of the most common complaints about living in the countryside is that it is ‘boring’. For young families or pensioners, this is not such a concern, because the safety of a rural area is more important to them. However, for people who are looking for a lot of stimuli, and enjoy being extroverted and doing activities, living in the countryside may have its drawbacks.

Another disadvantage of living in the countryside is that there are (typically) fewer employment opportunities in a rural area. This is why so many people travel from around the world to live in major cities – all the world’s largest organisations are typically located there, providing an opportunity for a new career with lots of room to climb the corporate ladder.

On the other hand, the countryside is filled with lots of family businesses, or small enterprises where there is sometimes a ceiling on how far you career can take you. This is why people many people move out of the countryside, and towards the city, to start a career in a corporate environment.

Moving to the countryside from London

The process of moving from a major city like London to the countryside is a significant decision. It will come with major life changes – and therefore should not be taken lightly.

With that being said, some people thrive when making the move from London to the countryside. For one thing, you typically get better value for money on property in the countryside – therefore, if you sell a London property to buy a rural one, you will typically be able to upsize. This is perfect if you are looking to move out and raise a family.

Detached and semi-detached houses in the countryside also typically come with a garden. This is often not the case in the average London property, which have a much higher percentage of apartments. Secondly, for those London spaces which do have a garden, it is typically smaller than you would get for the same money in the countryside.

The ‘lifestyle speed’ in a countryside setting is almost always slower. You will battle less traffic, encounter less people – and for some people who enjoy the ‘hustle and bustle’ of city life, this can be a challenge. Therefore, while there are pros and cons to both types of lifestyles, you should consider which you prefer before moving to the countryside from London.

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