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The 5 Most Unique Homes in the UK

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The 5 Most Unique Homes in the UK
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Every home is unique in some way, whether it’s the artwork commissioned by a 3-year-old lining the kitchen walls or the fact that it’s situated in the middle of a T-Junction. These features, big or small, are what transforms a house into a home, adding a layer of charm even the most precise re-designs cannot manufacture.

We’ve picked our favourite unique homes in the UK, from balancing barns to a house that stands at just 5ft 6 inches wide.

Converted Water Tower House

Image Courtesy of; www.telegraph.co.uk

The first is a Grade II listed home that is actually a set of converted water towers, now named The Lime Works. This incredible living space was, in fact, a water softening plant until 1942; its recent make-over has included the addition of six bedrooms, a gym, library and swimming pool. With its brilliant white and glass exterior, it truly is a state of the art family home. And it has a price-tag to match, going on the market for a cool £2.95 million.

Pineapple Garnish Summerhouse

Image Courtesy of; Neil Williamson, flickr.com

In at number two is this charming number from Stirlingshire, in Scotland, aptly named ‘The Pineapple House’. Its creator was so impressed by the unique form of the pineapple, discovered only earlier that century, that he commissioned this otherwise traditional summerhouse, with a giant pineapple to garnish. The 4th Earl of Dunmore built this extravaganza for his wife, but it can now be your next holiday destination. Available to rent through the Landmark Trust, this fruit-themed building will certainly add an extra level of interest to this summer’s holiday pics.

Shark protruding from roof house

Image Courtesy of; James Turnbull, flickr.com

It’s not hard to guess what makes this house unique; it may well have something to do with the 25ft fibreglass shark protruding from the roof on an otherwise rather quaint period holiday cottage. But it is the story behind the shark that provides the real intrigue. This creature is more than just a quirk of its owner; it is a point of political protest in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Erected on the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb of Nagasaki, this shark was the source of much praise and controversy and faced 6 years of contest from local governments. The shark finally won approval and is now considered a famous city landmark.

Smallest Castle: Hermit’s Castle

Image Courtesy of; Tom Parnell, flickr.com

The Hermit’s Castle, reportedly the smallest castle in Europe, and also possibly the gloomiest. This castle was built by English architect David Scott in the 1950s; after months spent building it, Scott stayed for only a week before he abandoned the building entirely. With rooms no taller or wider than two meters at any point, it’s easy to see why he left in such a hurry. Inspired by a hermit’s cell, with only a foot wide entrance on the ground floor, it is also reminiscent of a military pillbox, which had recently become a common sight throughout the British countryside. This poured concrete construction is still standing strong and is used occasionally as a rest stop for hikers in the area.

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