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How Much Is My House Worth

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How Much Is My House Worth
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Before you decide to sell or remortgage your house, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first, the primary one being this: how much is my house worth?

The most accurate way to value your house is by consulting the experts, but there are other methods such as a house value calculator by postcode that can help give you a rough understanding of where the value lands.

Read on to discover various tips so you can find out the value of your house for yourself.

How do I find out the value of my house?

There are many house price checkers online. For example, We Buy Any Home has a free house valuation tool which you can use on our website. This tool can be found below, and on our value your house webpage.

Another source you can use to cross-check valuations is the Land Registry. The Land Registry database has a record of every UK property transaction, or try another method such as an online house valuation calculator.

With a few details such as postcode, address, and the number of bedrooms, you can get an estimate in a matter of seconds, but there are caveats.

Suggested market estimates often vary from the true property valuation, although the data can give you an indication as to what you can expect. Still, professional property valuations are far more accurate; at WeBuyAnyHome, our team of Property Analysts are able to provide accurate desktop valuations completely free.

Can I get a free valuation on my house?

Yes, you can get a free valuation on your house.

Whether using a house value calculator by postcode or an estate agent, there are plenty of options for a free home valuation on your house. Not every estate agency offers this service, but using an expert for an accurate valuation will give you more than a financial figure to work with.

Professional property valuations consider the unique features of your home before providing an accurate valuation. This means everything from the original flooring to the open plan living space will be taken into account. Their expertise will provide more than a simple figure based on location and number of bedrooms.

However, the initial use of an online house valuation tool can also be immensely helpful as you understand the figure you are likely to get. We Buy Any Home offers a free house valuation tool, for example, which is extremely reliable.

How much is my house worth?

Property value can be determined by a wide and varying range of factors, which is why getting an accurate figure can be so difficult. The most common details that impact price are:

  • Location
  • Sales prices of similar properties in your area
  • House size
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Upgrades
  • Local market trends

Different factors have a varying impact on the house value – and this changes from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood.

The key to finding the true value of your property is by considering the asking price of comparable houses in your area. It is easy to find out recent sale prices using relevant websites. The right resource will also give you access to historical prices over the years.

Market trends are another way of finding out how much your house is worth. It is important to understand how the property market is moving in your area when looking to sell. Use a search engine to reveal average prices and when properties have been sold in your area.

At We Buy Any Home we provide accurate desktop offers in minutes. We also offer an online house valuation tool that provides an estimate in a matter of seconds, but it is always best to combine this figure with a little research to get a closer indication as to how much it is worth. 

What increases the value of a house?

Certain factors add value to a house, and it should come as no surprise that many of them cost an initial investment that may or may not be feasible depending on your budget.

One of the most common includes a loft conversion. By making use of this sizeable area, you can increase the value of your home by around 10%. For example, according to HouseHoldQuotes.co.uk, a loft conversion typically costs between £21,000 – £44,000. The main factors impacting the price include the size of the extension, location, and the number of dormers.

Other ways of increasing the value of a home include moving outwards. Adding a conservatory or turning an unused garage into an additional bedroom can increase the value of a home by 10%.

Potential buyers may look to negotiate the price down if they find problems with a property. They may be completely put off, and so for this reason, it is best to fix a damaged roof, structural cracks, rising damp, broken roof tiles, and any cosmetic issues before valuing your home.

What will my house be worth in 10 years?

Estimating the value of a property over ten years is dependent on changing factors. However, some formulas help to give a figure. These are based on capital growth.

Capital growth is usually within an average of 3.5 – 3.8% a year, but an estate agent will have the latest figures for you to use.

Estimate the future value of your property based on the following calculation:

Capital Growth x Current Property Value

Still, nobody can truly predict what the property market will look like in 5 years, let alone 10. You can only get an accurate valuation for todays’ market. With this in mind, consult a professional property valuator for a realistic property valuation.

Value your house with WeBuyAnyHome

WeBuyAnyHome can help if you want to value your house. Contact us now for a free, accurate, no-obligation valuation.

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