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The 10 Best UK Cities for ‘Outstanding’ Education

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The 10 Best UK Cities for ‘Outstanding’ Education
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You will often see ‘close to local schools’ displayed in property descriptions. But why? Along with an extra bedroom and being close to public transport, 19% of potential house buyers in the UK prioritise being in the catchment area of the best rated schools.

Our Selling Points Index 2018 analysed seven key data sets for 26 major cities across the UK. One ranking aspect was the number of schools awarded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted within a three-mile radius. So, if you’re planning a move with children in tow, check out the locations below for highly-regarded schools…


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 84

Given that 13% of the UK’s population live in London, it is not surprising that the capital is home to 84 schools ranked outstanding by Oftsed. Kensington and Chelsea have one of the highest concentrations of outstanding primary and secondary schools, with around 50% of those being faith schools.

Richmond upon Thames, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Lewisham, City and Harrow are all boroughs with high numbers of outstanding schools.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 40

Home to over 1.1 million citizens, Birmingham has all manner of schools. From state and independent, to faith and special needs schools, the city has a wide array of educational facilities to suit all needs.

Of the 40 outstanding schools, Ninestiles Schools (11-18), Waverly School (4-19), and Small Heath School (11-18) all make the cut.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 27

In the most recent UK Census, there were 64,640 young people aged under 19 living in Newcastle. The city is also home to 74 primary schools, 20 secondary schools and seven independent schools.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 24

The majority of schooling is state-run in Manchester, however there are a number of independent options in the suburbs. One of the city’s most notable secondary schools is Manchester Grammar School. Famous alumni include actor Ben Kingsley and former England cricket captain Mike Atherton.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 23

The city of Bristol has produced some of the world’s finest scientists, including Nobel Prize winners and the planetary scientist behind the Beagle 2 project. Science and technology are popular topics at most schools in this city.

Whitehall Primary, Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy and Elmlea Junior School are all very popular amongst local parents.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 20

Due to its multicultural population Liverpool has a wide variety of primary and secondary state schools, including Church of England, Jewish, Roman Catholic and Islamic. There are also ample secular schools available.

Sudley Infant School, King David High School and The Blue Coat School are all outstanding.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 16

Leicester’s Local Education Authority has worked tirelessly since the late 90s to improve the level of schooling in the city. The opening of the Samworth Enterprise Academy in 2007 was part of this plan and children aged three to 16 enjoy the school’s educational specialties; food, business and enterprise.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 16

Norbridge Academy in Worksop is one of Nottingham’s most celebrated primary schools and awarded an outstanding ranking from Ofsted. The curriculum is incredibly varied and includes karate, gardening, engineering and blogging.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 13

Over 16% of Norwich’s schools have been awarded an outstanding ranking by Ofsted. Notre Dame High and Framlingham Earl are two popular schools amongst parents.


Number of ‘outstanding’ schools: 13

With a student population over 40,000 attending the University of Southampton or Southampton Solent University, education is highly regarded in the coastal city.

Southampton also has 79 state-run schools and three independents.

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