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The Best Places to Live in Liverpool in 2022

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The Best Places to Live in Liverpool in 2022
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There are many incredible cities across the north of England. Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull and many more attract millions of people wanting to live there.

Another of the most attractive destinations in the north of England is Liverpool. Not only is the city home to an infamous music history (‘The Beatles’ being the perfect example) but it is a vibrant city with a huge array of cultures, cuisines and things to do.

There are many different areas of Liverpool that you can live in, from Allerton to Crosby, from The Georgian Quarter to West Derby. Read on for an in-depth guide on the best places to live in Liverpool in 2022. 


Aigburth is a suburb located in the south of Liverpool, which is one of the more affluent areas of the city to live in. 

By being slightly out of the city centre, many families move to this part of Liverpool when they want to stay in-touch with the city (for commuting purposes perhaps) but improve on the standard of living in the centre. 

The average house price in Aigburth is approximately £252,755. However, if you want to purchase a detached house, the expected price may rise to £451,000. 


Located very nearby to Aigburth, Allerton is a suburb in the South-east of Liverpool which is outside the city centre. It is just a 10 minute drive from Allerton to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, which makes it the ideal location for people who regularly have international commutes.

In many people’s opinion, Allerton is viewed as one of the best parts of Liverpool to live in. With lots of open green spaces, as well as a buzzing social scene, this suburb offers the best of both worlds. 

The average property price in Allerton is £330,854, with this rising to £589,288 if you want to buy a detached house, which are very expensive in the area.


The Anfield suburb of Liverpool is famed for being where the football team is based. With a population of just over 14,000, this number increases significantly every Saturday when supporters travel to Anfield stadium to support the team.

Living in Anfield can be beneficial, as many millions of pounds has been invested in the area, due to it becoming a tourist hotspot in the city. For this reason, with new restaurants, bars and entertainment opening all the time in the area, it is a sought-after place to live in the city.

The average property price in Anfield is £103,577, with semi-detached houses selling for around £154,799.

Baltic Triangle

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle district is a vibrant, exciting part of the city filled with innovative and fresh businesses. 

The area is known for having cafes and bars which people in their late teens and early 20s hangout in. At night time, meanwhile, there are garage raves and dance clubs which come alive.

With many young people living in this section of Liverpool, properties are not too expensive. The average house price in Baltic Triangle is £153,000, but this can be as low as £79,000 for flats or studios.


Located in the northern suburbs of the city, Crosby is a coastal town located a 20 minute drive from the city centre. 

Many people choose to move to Crosby when they are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of central city life, but still maintain strong transport connections. Recently named by The Sunday Times as one of the most desirable places to live in the North-west of England, it is an in-demand suburb of the city.

The average property price in Crosby is £272,191, although this price is generally lower for flats, averaging at £154,844. 

The Georgian Quarter

The Georgian Quarter is an infamous neighbourhood in central Liverpool. Well-known for its classy 18th century architecture, the area incorporates Liverpool Cathedral as well as many high-quality (and expensive!) hotels.

Properties in the Georgian Quarter are typically more expensive than in other central areas of Liverpool city. You will be paying for the prestige that comes with living in the area, as well as the stunning architecture.

The average property price in the Georgian Quarter is £263,695 – much higher than other central areas of the city. However, flat prices in the neighbourhood are relatively affordable, at an average of £169,508.


Heswall is a very small town located on the Wirral, south-west of Liverpool city centre. The area has a population of just over 16,000, and is therefore a sought after place to live for many retirees who want to step away from the busy, loud city life.

The town has many high-quality dining options, and also boasts many coffee shops along the high street. There is even a renowned local golf club with gorgeous views across the Dee and into Wales.

The average property price in Heswall is £388,151 – therefore making it one of the most expensive neighbourhoods surrounding Liverpool. The average price of a detached house in the area is £553,232.

Lark Lane

South of the Liverpool city centre, Lark Lane is a street famed for its culture and lively nightlife. The street boasts Cafés, bars, boutiques, music venues and bistros.

The street is very popular with young people, and is a regular place to visit for University students in the city. It is well-connected to the city centre, and is even located right next to the beautiful Sefton Park, which is a popular city hangout spot on summer days.

The average property price in Lark Lane is £161,650. It is therefore very affordable for first-time buyers and university students in the city.

Mossley Hill

In the south of the city, Mossley Hill is a small suburb which has become a tourist hotspot, as well as a very popular place to live. The area was made famous after the Beatles’ song “Penny Lane”, which is based on a Mossley Hill street of the same name. 

Besides this claim to fame, Mossley Hill has one of the city’s most popular parks – Greenbank Park – as well as the Sudley House museum. 

Mossley Hill is one of the more affluent regions of Liverpool, and it is therefore a popular place to live for pensioners and people who soon intend to retire.

The average property price in Mossley Hill is £313,727. Flats have an average price of £212,739 while semi-detached houses sell for an average of £401,822.


Ropewalks is a neighbourhood at the heart of Liverpool city. Known for its vintage shops, vibrant bars and chic bistros, it is a stylish suburb of the city which many people desire to live in.

There is also a variation of exciting cultures in the Ropewalks suburb, with many Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants located in the area, along with many other cuisines. If you want to live in the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife, then Ropewalks is ideal for you.

In the centre of Ropewalks is Bold Street, which is one of the city’s most busy and vibrant streets. You’ll find galleries and cinemas within walking distance – which is why so many people want to live in Ropewalks.

The average property price in Ropewalks is £201,680. For a semi-detached house, the average is £220,868, while terraced properties average at £143,020.

Sefton Park

Sefton Park is one of the most popularly visited parts of Liverpool. 

The park itself is 235 acres in area, and an extremely common place for people in the city to visit. With a boating lake, memorial fountain, and an obelisk (amongst many other things) it is no wonder that tourists and locals love to visit this part of the city.

The park also has many sporting facilities – including tennis courts, a bowling green and a jogging circuit.

The average property price in Sefton Park is £193,850. The flats in the area are slightly more spacious and upmarket than in other parts of the city, with an average flat price of £170,358 in Sefton Park.

West Derby

West Derby is widely known as an affluent suburb of Liverpool, and may therefore be out of the price range of many first time buyers and university students. Located east of the city centre, the area has a population of around 14,000.

This part of the city is well-connected with bus routes. Routes 12, 13 and 15 all go through West Derby to the city centre. This makes it the ideal place to live for parents who need to commute in the city for work, but also want to raise their children in an area filled with greenery and excellent schools. 

The average property price in West Derby is £200,886.


In the southeast of the city, Woolton is an affluent neighbourhood with just over 12,000 residents. There is a noteworthy range of places to eat, drink and be entertained in Woolton, despite it being a fairly small suburb. 

The village is just a short walk away from the iconic landmark Strawberry Fields, which was made famous by The Beatles. It was also at a Woolton village fete that a young John Lennon met Paul McCartney.

The average property price in Woolton is £300,025, making it one of the most expensive suburbs of Liverpool. Detached properties sell for an average of £496,650, with terraced properties selling at an average of £201,912.

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