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Can I Sell My House on eBay?

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Can I Sell My House on eBay?
  • Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

Homeowners in the UK are finding new ways to sell their houses. Depending on your location in the UK you could shell out an extra 1% to 3.5% of your purchase price straight into the hands of your estate agent when the property is sold. Therefore, if you sell for £300,000 you could be parting with £3,000 to £10,500.

With homeowners fed up with the endless costs when it comes to selling many are turning to the internet – but forget Zoopla and Rightmove. Social media platforms and advertising sites are now being harnessed by homeowners wanting to sell their homes without the pitfalls of using a traditional real estate agent.

eBay houses for sale

Some of us are addicted to securing bargains on e-commerce platform eBay. However, amongst the second-hand clothes and oodles of collectables are people buy and sell their homes. Whilst many tend to be holiday homes abroad in countries such as expat favourites France and Spain, there is a large number in the UK.

If you want to sell your house on eBay, you will have to pay a one-off £35 charge to the e-commerce giant when listing your property. If the property sells you will be charged 3.4% + 20p of the final sale price of your home. Therefore, if your property sold for £250,000 you would take home £241,499.80, with £8,500.20 heading to PayPal to cover their fee.

Sale price £250,000
PayPal 3.4% £8,500
PayPal 20p flat charge £0.20
Final take home £241,499.80

All homeowners wanting to sell on eBay will need to create a listing for their property, including a detailed description and clear photographs. Homes can only be listed on eBay as classified ads, which means no bidding takes place. Therefore, the advertised price of the house should be exactly what you want it to sell for.

Facebook houses for sale

Back in 2017 a homeowner from Rainham went online to sell her home via Facebook by conducting a tour using the Facebook Live feature. During the virtual tour of her three-bed property, viewers were able to ask direct questions via a chat box on the stream and offers were received via Facebook Messenger.

In this circumstance, the owner conducted her property sale via an online estate agent and utilised their Facebook following in the Facebook Live stream. However, some homeowners have sold their properties via their personal Facebook profiles, using Facebook ads to publicise the sale and further their reach beyond just their own Facebook friends.

Gumtree houses for sale

As the UK’s largest free classified ads site, it is no surprise that there are properties for sale on Gumtree. Whilst homeowners looking for a cost-free way to sell their home will benefit from the ability to sell privately via Gumtree, there are still costs involved:

  • Estate agent to value the property
  • Solicitor or conveyancer to handle legalities and admin
  • Stamp duty on the purchase of a new home (if applicable)

Around 16 million people visit Gumtree each month, making it an ideal place to advertise a property for free due to such a huge reach. All you would need to do to sell your home on Gumtree is create a detailed property description, add a price and some detailed photographs.

How to sell your house quickly

Undoubtedly the most secure alternative way of selling your property online is via a cash house buyer. At WeBuyAnyHome we can have your property sold in a timeframe that suits you; in as little as 7 days if needed. Because we use our own funds to buy your property, we are able to offer a speedy and chain-free process with a guaranteed sale. Get the ball rolling by getting a cash offer today, we will then be in touch within 24 hours.

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