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Do Houses Sell Faster Furnished or Unfurnished?

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Do Houses Sell Faster Furnished or Unfurnished?
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If you want to guarantee the sale of your home for a price that you are happy with, it is important that any visitors can picture themselves living there. This can be achieved in may different ways, as not everyone falls in love with a home straight away, or for the same reasons.

With this in mind, you may be asking: is it better to sell a home furnished or unfurnished? We’re going to take a closer look to see which approach will help sell your house fast

Do houses sell faster empty or furnished?

Most experts agree that furnished properties sell faster and attract more interest than a home that is empty. It is best to give viewers the chance to picture themselves living in the house, which means that you need furniture. Even if the furniture is not to your visitor’s taste, it still helps them to visualise the space better, and there is a feeling of warmth that comes with a home that is lived in which unfurnished properties just cannot offer. 

Furniture allows your viewers to consider how they would make use of the space. It can be difficult to tell if a six-seater dining set will fit in a dining room if there isn’t a table in there already. 

Furniture will also hide imperfections. Those scuffs and small cracks may catch the eye a little too much if they are in plain sight with nothing to hide them. A few decorations and furniture can help to draw attention away from imperfections, even if they are in plain sight. If you are selling a house with tenants there is a good chance the furniture is theirs so it will be advertised as is. However, if you own the furniture in this situation things may be a little different.

Why furnished houses sell faster

There are several reasons why a furnished house sells faster than an empty home, mostly to do with a perceived sense of ‘warmth’.

It is difficult to imagine yourself living in a home when it is a completely blank canvas. Even though many people would likely prefer to be able to see a home that is both empty and furnished at different times, it is easier to measure the dimensions of a home when it is furnished.

To add to this, a furnished house will make any imperfections less obvious, and can even hide certain blemishes that may otherwise make a room look a little unkempt. 

However, it’s not always possible to fully furnish your home for sale. When this is the case, try some of the following tricks to make it look as good as possible:

Clean carpets

A steam clean can do wonders for your carpets. Using a professional service to do this is a useful way of making your home more appealing. It can rid your home of unsightly stains and ensure it smells lovely and fresh.

When you take pride in the cleanliness of your home, it reassures a potential buyer that it has been well looked after.

Fix imperfections

A bit of a touch up can go a long way towards selling your home for the price you want – so check for scuffs and marks that can be fixed. You should also:

  • Fill in any holes
  • Fix broken tiles
  • Give a room a lick of paint if it is looking tired

A neutral colour is a safe bet for this final step – and can help to make a room look bigger. 

Get the basics right

Curtains and lampshades are easy to get hold of and not overly expensive. The same goes for light bulbs that need replacing. Even empty window frames can be off-putting for viewers – so a plant or two may make your home more welcoming, even if you don’t have furniture in every room. 

How you can cheaply furnish your home to prepare it for sale

There is a reason why big house developers almost always furnish their show homes. These properties usually have the appearance of a lived-in house, with accessories professionally scattered around the home.

Presentation is key, which is why some people use the skills of a home staging company. But when your budget won’t stretch for this service, you can try the following tips instead:

Grab what you can for free

There are a range of websites and groups online where people give away furniture to anyone who will pick it up. If you’re filling an empty home, you don’t need to be too picky, so the likes of Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and Freecycle are all excellent places to start. 

Shop cheap

If you have a budget to spend then you can get some home bargains at the likes of Argos, Ikea, and even Wilkinsons. There is a mix of quality and prices, but it is more than possible to furnish your home with the basics for cheap. 


Your local council will know about furniture recycling schemes, so it is possible to get some free furniture by contacting them directly. Donation centres also accept furniture after you have no use for it (to help families who cannot afford to furnish their home), so be sure to help the furniture find a good home when it has served its purpose for you. 

Ask friends and family

You’ll be surprised at what friends and family have in storage that they don’t mind you borrowing. You may have to ask very nicely and find a mode of transport for bulky items, but this will help furnish a home temporarily.

Car boot sales

A British classic, but a way to get hold of a bargain on the weekend. Some people have yard sales so keep an eye out for those as well.


Sometimes you need a little luck, but eBay can be a great resource for cheap furnishings. Again, there is no need to be picky… just find a cheap version of the furniture you need.

You mustn’t go over budget and furnish your home in a style that is going to eat into your potential profit. Shop smartly and you can give your property a warm feel without digging into the extra money from the sale.

You don’t always need to use a decorating service to make your home look great. Just don’t forget to include small decorations like pictures, plants, and the odd piece of art (a cheap canvas from any of the above will do) because a personal touch goes a long way.

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