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What documents do I need to sell my house?

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What documents do I need to sell my house?
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Selling your house is an exciting process – however, you cannot do it without providing specific documentation. A verbal agreement to make a sale is not enough – you need the paperwork to back it up.

The blog below outlines all the documents you need to sell your house in the UK.

Management Information Pack

The management information pack is essential if you want to sell your house quickly, because it contains vital information that can sway a buyer’s decision to purchase the house.

As the pack can often take several weeks to arrive, it is critical to obtain the management information pack as soon as you possibly can. The document can be obtained through a solicitor, however you can also acquire the pack for yourself through the freeholder or your managing agent. This pack typically costs £200.

Proof of identity

You need to gather documents which prove your address and your appearance – specifically, photo identification. To prove your address, you will need either a utility bill or a bank statement which is dated within the last three months. 

If you do not have a photo ID, then you should apply for a driver’s license. This form of ID could take up to two weeks to arrive, and it is absolutely crucial for you to sell your house. Always apply in advance, just in case. Proof of identity can be obtained for free.

Property Title Deeds

To sell your home, you will likely need the original property title deeds. These official documents state the chain of ownership of your home. If you do not have these deeds, check if they are digitally registered with HM Land Registry under your name.

These documents can be ordered relatively inexpensively, but it is best to do this as soon as possible, as they get a lot of requests. Property title deeds typically cost £7.

Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate, commonly known as an EPC, is a vital document which will be required when you sell your house. It is easy to overlook this document, but it is a legal requirement that you have one when selling. This certificate typically costs £40.

Leasehold or freehold documentation

You will need to provide either a lease, or a shared certificate, depending on the type of agreement you have. If the property is leasehold, you will need a lease. This documentation is free.

Fittings and Contents Form (TA10)

This form enables both parties to reach a clear agreement about what will be included in the sale of your home. For example, whether the curtains are incorporated into the sale price.

The document is presented with information on a room-by-room basis, to ensure thorough and holistic disclosure of all the items you are leaving to the buyer. If you have a garden or outdoor space, this form will also specify the contents within these areas. This form can be obtained for free.

Property Information Form

The property information form is a hefty one to complete, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. This is the document required to sell your property.

The detailed form covers everything from any current tenants, to boundaries, to ongoing complaints and disputes, and much more. Be sure to set aside all the necessary time to complete this form. If your paperwork isn’t organised then your home may not sell, in accordance with the average selling time in the UK. This document is free of charge.

FENSA Certificate

This certificate is given to people who have had replacement doors or windows since 2002. You may need to supply the FENSA certificate when you sell your house. If you haven’t lived in the home since 2002, check the home’s records to find out if this work has taken place. It is likely that the previous owner will have left the certificate upon the sale of the property when you bought it. This certificate typically costs £25.

Boiler Documents

Documentation will need to be gathered if you, or a prior owner, has replaced the boiler. For instance, be sure to provide the gas safety certificate. Buyers may demand an up-to-date service be carried out if you cannot provide the required documents to make sure the property has been adequately tested and regulated. This document can be obtained free of charge.

Electrical Documents

When selling your house, you will need all certificates regarding any electrical work around your home. For example, rewiring or electrical replacements. An electrician should be able to supply the building regulations compliance certificate, or an electrical safety certificate, for you to pass on to your next homeowners. This document can be obtained free of charge.

Altercations and Extension Documents

It is critical that if you have had an extension or made any alterations to add value to your property before selling, to get proof of the legal process that was adhered to. For example, that you acquired building regulation approval, and planning permission before the renovations took place. Of course, not all renovations require permission, however it is vital to be in the know from the offset to prevent any delayed sales. This document can be obtained free of charge.

Mortgage Details

When selling your property, it is crucial that you provide details about your current mortgage. This should include your account details, as well as the amount that is still owed. You must give details of any extra loans or charges registered to your home. This document can be obtained free of charge.

Acceptance Offer

Once your sale has been completed, your solicitor/conveyancer will draft up a document stating the acceptance of the offer. You need this document to ensure your sale goes through. This document can be obtained free of charge.

How long should I keep the documents after selling?

You should permanently keep your acceptance of offer because this document shows a seller’s net profits, which you may need for taxes in the future. You should also keep documentation of your house deeds and mortgage documents.

All other documentation should be stored digitally, just in case – for example, if the new homeowner requires proof in a few years’ time of any past renovations on their house. You never know when the above documentation could be useful.

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