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Pros And Cons Of Putting Up A For Sale Sign

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Pros And Cons Of Putting Up A For Sale Sign
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Before the internet came along ‘for sale’ signs were a standard part of marketing a home. However in the digital age there use has been questioned, is there any need for them these days? Here we take a look at both sides of the debate.

If you sell your house with us there are no estate agents involved, which means you won’t have a sign in front of your home and, more importantly, you won’t have to pay their fees.

Saying no to a sign

There are lots of reasons people choose not to put up a sign. The most obvious is the fact most people start their home search online. Many believe there’s no need to pay for a sign when every property is at your fingertips already.

Savvy estate agents are also advertising on social media where they can accurately target those who are likely to be interested in the specific property they are selling. This kind of focussed marketing isn’t something a physical sign will ever be able to compete with, it’s relying on luck.

Equally, if you are committed to buying in an area you are likely to have researched it thoroughly online and know exactly what’s on offer before visiting. The days of travelling somewhere to scope out what property is on the market are long gone for most. So, the chances of someone being inspired to view a home after passing a ‘for sale’ sign are very slim.

In places where lots of homes are for sale, there’s also a belief a crowd of signs can put off buyers. After all, why are so many people trying to leave? Even if there is no particular reason behind the multiple sales, it indicates there could be a high turnover of residents which may make people think twice about living there.

In fact some councils now ban the use of signs because of the clutter and sense of untidiness they create on a street. So the decision could soon be out of your, or your estate agent’s, hands.

Why you might put one up

Having said all that, you’ll probably have noticed ‘for sale’ signs are still a very common sight on the UK’s streets. Partly because old habits are hard to shake, but also because even if their power to influence has weakened it still pays to use every marketing tool you have.

After all, not everybody is comfortable searching online. If your house is suited to older generations, it’s a good idea to use the more traditional marketing methods they’re familiar with. Even for those happy to do their searching online, with the volume of properties to scroll through it’s easy to miss one. If that happens but they come to the area looking at another home, a sign outside yours may catch their eye.

There is also still something to be said for word of mouth. People trust their friends’ and relatives’ recommendations. If your neighbour passes on to their house-hunting friend or colleague that yours is up for sale, they’re likely to investigate further.

Signs can also prove useful when people come for viewings. If it’s the only one on a street, there’s little chance anybody will have trouble finding your home. Also, if your home is hidden from the road or down a long drive, a sign by the entrance will prevent people from passing by and arriving late.

Making your decision

Each home is different, a sign might be right for some and not others. When deciding whether you should have one, here are some things to consider:

Who’s likely to buy your home? If it’s perfect for an older person, keep traditional marketing techniques alongside digital ones. If it’s a starter home or apartment suited to younger people, focus online.
Look for other signs on your street. For example, if you live in a flat and there’s a cluster of them on the railing outside, is adding another going to help your cause if it’s impossible to tell which flat inside the building it relates to?
Where is your home located? If it is hidden away a sign will alert people to its existence and may have them intrigued.
Is the sign of high quality? A poorly made sign that’ll get damaged in bad weather won’t reflect well on your home.

Working with us

Finding a buyer for your home can take months no matter how well it is marketed. If you’d prefer to sell your house quickly, we’re a good option. Not only can we buy your home in just seven days, but we also take on much of the hassle of a housing transaction. That includes instructing solicitors and paying for them.

We’re also experienced at dealing with unsettling home selling situations involving divorce and inheritance, when you may not want to be thinking about ‘for sale’ signs, viewings and negotiations. Once we’ve agreed on a price and completion date we’ll stick to them, so that you have certainty about when you’ll be moving and when funds will be in your account.

We’d be happy to chat about how we can help you sell your house fast, so please get in touch.

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