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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen to Add Value to Your Home

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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen to Add Value to Your Home
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When you’re trying to sell your house it’s worth thinking about how best to allocate any budget you might have for renovation to add maximum value to your property.

Whilst some property experts argue that you should focus your efforts on your bathroom, you might be better putting your time and attention into the kitchen.

A multi-function room, the kitchen is the heart of any home and ensuring that the space is well fitted and formatted can make a real difference when it comes to attracting a buyer.

It is estimated that a kitchen can add 4 – 7% to the value of an average property – so how do you go about making sure that yours is working as hard for you as possible.

Consider the price of the refit

It’s tempting to sink a large amount of money into a state-of-the-art kitchen refit. However, it’s worth considering how much your property is being put on the market. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of pounds on a refit if your property is on the market for a more modest asking price as you’ll be unlikely to recoup the cost. However, if your property is valued much more highly cutting corners may have the reverse effect.

Consider the style of your property

The general rule of thumb is that if you are upscaling a kitchen purely to sell the house it’s best to leave personal style out of it. The last thing you want is a loud colour scheme that could scare off potential buyers or mean that they are less likely to be able to picture themselves living in your property.

That being said it is worth considering the style of your property when making design choices. If your property is a rustic country property, a uber-modern kitchen might look out of place and jar with the aesthetic whilst working perfectly in a new build apartment.

Light it up

Lighting is one of the least considered aspects of a kitchen upgrade however this small investment could make a big difference. A poorly lit kitchen can result in the space looking small and uninviting.

Renovation experts recommend halogen bulbs for a bright white light that can transform your kitchen into a clean, bright space. You could also consider adding lighting under your kitchen units. It’s an inexpensive addition but can make a huge difference. It can also help you draw attention to areas that you want to showcase.

Take it outside

If you have the option to open your kitchen up to an outside space then you absolutely should.

A simple upgrade like installing glass doors to give visibility to the garden can make your kitchen look larger but also lets the buyers imagine a space where they could entertain in the summer.

Of course, if your kitchen is not placed to do this a costly extension may be over and above what is required, however, if it’s a case of replacing a standard door with glass bi-folding doors this could add 2% to your home’s value.

Island life

If you’re looking to make maximum impact to your space without spending thousands of pounds, introducing an island is a really easy way to do this.

Not only does it allow you to divide the space but it adds surface area and potentially storage also.

Not only that but research by Redfin estate agents showed that searches for properties with kitchen islands and built-in bars are increasing year on year. This simple addition could put your property in front of a whole new audience.

It’s all about the surface

If your budget is fairly restricted it might be worth considering how you can give your kitchen a lift without spending a fortune.

Resurfacing is a really easy way to do this: painting kitchen tiles, and replacing cabinet doors and handles are inexpensive solutions that make a significant impact.

These simple tips can transform your kitchen and make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Looking to sell your house once you’ve made the kitchen improvements? As national home buyers We Buy Any Home can provide you with cash for your property. Cash house buyers like us can have you selling within as little as seven days!

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