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Your Complete Moving Day Checklist

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Your Complete Moving Day Checklist
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Things to do when moving house

You wake up and suddenly remember it’s moving day. Your stomach drops. Despite being awake until the early hours trying to organise the chaos you have a million and one things left to do on your moving house checklist. You bolt out of bed in a cold sweat and don’t even know where to begin. Sound like a horror story move? All too often we let moving day creep up on us, despite our best intentions. Then it’s late nights and unnecessary stress. Relieve yourself of sleepless nights and help moving day go without a hitch by putting our moving day checklist of things to do when moving house into place.

The night before your moving date

You want to wake up feeling refreshed the day you are set to move. Preparation for this starts the night before. To ensure you fall soundly asleep, cast your tablet or smartphone to the side an hour before you go to bed – this will help you switch off. However, make sure your mobile is on charge. During this hour you could have a relaxing bath, lay out your clothes for moving day and check your bag of moving day essentials to make sure you are happy. A methodical and calm approach throughout the evening before your move will enable you to feel less flustered and erratic when you wake up the next morning.

Gather your last-minute belongings

Upon waking up (we advise the earlier the better after a good night’s sleep) make sure you have a hearty breakfast and you aren’t rushing around. Once you’ve completed your normal morning routine start packing a bag that contains items that you want to keep close to you, these could include:

  • Documents associated with your move
  • Purse/wallet
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Laptop/tablet and charger
  • Any medication
  • Important paperwork
  • Passport/driving license

The morning of your move

As well as packing a bag containing your core items, also:

  • Make sure all the keys are arranged for the new owners
  • Switch off all utilities
  • Ensure you have taken utility readings (including photos) for electricity, gas, and water
  • Give your movers your contact details and obtain a mobile number for them
  • Keep the contact details of your estate agent and solicitor to hand

Alternative plans for your children

Teenagers can be super cooperative on moving day – they’re so excited to move into their new bedrooms that they are helpful energiser bunnies! Younger children, on the other hand, can make things a little more difficult. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for them to be around with heavy boxes and furniture being lugged backward and forwards.

It could be an idea to have friends and family look after your children on the moving date, even spending the night away from home. This will allow you to concentrate on the move itself without worrying about the children as you know they are in safe hands and being cared for.

Talk to your removal company

If you are using a professional moving company to get you to your new property make sure they are aware of your requirements. After greeting them at your home take them on a tour through your packaged home, you can use this as an opportunity to highlight any furniture or fragile items that need special handling. During this discussion, you can indicate items you would not like loaded on the moving vehicle, or furniture and belongings that should be loaded up at the beginning or at the end of the move. Make sure to let the removal company know where the bathroom is and have water on hand all day for them.

Manage your move

For your own peace of mind, particularly if you enjoy being in control, stay at your property whilst the movers load up your belongings. You can be there to answer any questions your team may have and guarantee actions are completed to your liking. You can then travel to your new home and do the same as the movers start unloading boxes and furniture. It could be helpful if you correspond any text on moving boxes with specific rooms.

Unpack the bare minimum

Once everything has been moved into your new home it can be tempting to simply plough on with unpacking. However, source just the essentials that you need there and then, such as pyjamas, toothbrush and bedding. Perhaps even hang a pair of curtains wherever you’ll be sleeping if you have the energy. We suggest getting some much-deserved rest and rising early to begin the unpacking process.


If you’re yet to sell your house or looking to sell in the future, we buy any house and can provide you with a cash offer within 7 days.

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